Privacy Notice

General Data Protection Regulations – Effective 25 May 2018

 Larkhill Centre Community Association Privacy Notice

 The following Privacy Notice  is a broad description of how the Larkhill  Centre          Community Association processes personal information.

 We process personal information to enable us to provide a voluntary  service to benefit the public of the area specified in our constitution

 More specifically, we administer a record of user groups; we raise funds and  promote the interests of the charity; we manage our volunteers, and maintain our own accounts and records as required by law.

We process personal information relevant to the above-mentioned purposes.

We may share this information with individuals described above for validation               purposes.

 We may share this information with public bodies as required by law.

 We may share this information with appropriate trustees and members of the management committee for business reasons relating to the efficient operation of  the charity.

 When sharing data is necessary, we take action to ensure that we comply with the        provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

 For the purposes of compliance and continuous improvement GDPR will, in future  be an item on the agenda of our monthly management meeting.

There follows a short list of your rights relating to GDPR: –

  You have the right to –

  Be informed of the details about you that we process as well as  any changes we make      Access your data.

 Rectification and validation of your data

  Erasure when appropriate

  Restrict processing

  Data portability


Complain to the regulator if you have any concerns relating to your data – Information Commissioner, 0303 123 1113

  Any data breaches will be investigated and reported to the Information    Commissioner’s Office as may be necessary. We will review regularly our procedures

Last review date – 4 June 2019

Next review – 4 June 2020